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Rivets, Tabs & Pins
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The Piece/s you have purchased can feature a variety of attachment mechanisms. Most commonly used is the peen-over rivet type. Other items can have Bend-over Tabs or Prongs. Here are the instructions for setting these mechanisms.

Positioning the Mounts
Begin by locating the area where the mount will be set. Holding the Mount directly over this area, viewing from the top, press the Mount slightly into the Leather making  shallow impressions of the back attachments into the Leather surface. You have thus marked the spot where to punch the Hole for the Rivet using an Awl or a small punch or where to cut a small slot for the bend-over tab. (Cut this slot from both ends towards the middle!) You may want to punch/cut a hole in a test piece first to make sure your aim is accurate. Once all Holes are punched in the proper locations, insert the Mount.

Setting Peen-over Rivets
Once the Holes are punched in the proper locations, insert the Mount. Turn the Leather with the mount inserted over to the reverse side. Placing the front on a piece of scrap wood. Lay a Washer, which you were supplied with, over the top of the Rivet. Using a tubular device hammer the Washer down over the Rivet until it sits solid down onto the Leather.  With a pair of cutters snip the Rivet off just above the Washer (leaving about 1/8" standing above the washer). Check to make sure that the Mount is properly positioned and has not turned. Now you need to Peen the Rivet forming a mushroom shape over the washer with numerous light hammer strokes. Do not slam the Rivet, be firm and accurate making sure not to hammer the Leather and have patience. Upon completion,  you should have a nice smooth dome protruding above the washer holding same in place. Continue until the rivet is securely set and all burrs are gone.

Setting Bend-over Tabs & Pins

After positioning the Mount (as above), Bend-over tabs/prongs are bent over using a hammer and a wooden dowel. Important is that the tabs are always bent back into the metal piece, never to surface outside the mount in the plain leather!  Support the front of your mount on a piece of scrap wood during the setting. Begin by hammering the tab(s) carefully to bend it/them over. Then use the wooden dowel on the tip only to pinch same down into the metal. Use light hammer strokes for this!

What can I use to clean and condition my leather goods?
When choosing leather care products, it is important to know whether the product is a cleaner or a conditioner. Leather cleaners contain ingredients that lift and remove dirt without driving it into the leather fibers. By contrast, leather conditioners contain ingredients that penetrate between leather fibers to lubricate them and keep them supple. Many new leathers have a naked or suede finish, which may absorb the cleaner or conditioner differently than leather with a normal, smooth finish. Note: Cleaners and conditioners are not intended for use on leathers with a suede finish. Suede leather should only be cleaned with a brush. Always test cleaners and conditioners on a small, inconspicuous area of your project.

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