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Urweg Viking Celtic Jewelry

Viking & Celtic Jewelry is our passion
We are Family oriented Artists creating museum quality  artifact reproductions and Nordic Spirit inspired pieces in Sterling Silver & Bronze.
Here is where all those with an interest in their Viking/Celtic Heritage and Traditions can find high quality, hand made Viking & Celtic Jewelry at affordable prices. We begin each creation with the raw materials, professionally craft each piece with diligence and care, then complete them with a high quality finish. We have a complete foundry and metal smithing workshop here on our homestead.
We will be delighted to craft pieces for you.

Living from the Gods' Hands,
Askjel & Birte

Artists / Gothar
            & Birte

You can reach us at urweg@urweg.com
P.O. Box 322, Corvallis, Montana 59828

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Viking & Celtic Jewelry for sale. Handmade in Sterling Silver & Bronze.