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This page contains hand-crafted Viking & Celtic Drinking Horns
as well as some other unique items such as our version of the Jelling Cup
and several Viking Knives
  Most of these
wondrous things are one-of-a-kind items and are only available until sold.
However, we will always be glad to craft you your very own unique piece.

Viking Drinking Horns
Viking Drinking
Thank you all for your incredible patience!
We are now making Drinking Horns again and shall post them as they are completed.

Wolf Horn

Wolf Viking Drinking Horn

Wolf Viking Drinking Horn
      Wolf Viking Drinking Horn

Wolf Viking Drinking Horn
      Wolf Viking Drinking Horn

Wolf Viking Drinking Horn

22" long Polished Steer Horn, cleaned on the inside and ready to drink out of
Bronze Rim with Sterling Silver Edges and Triskelions
Bronze Wolf Tip with Sterling Silver Ring
Braided Latigo Leather Strap


Birds Horn

                    Viking Drinking Horn

This is a massive 20" long Horn, speckled with colors from white to dark brown, which holds about 34 ounces of fluid.
It has a wide Sterling Silver Rim with 3 Bronze Bird Plaques and 4 Carnelian Stones as well as a raised top and bottom lip.
The Middle Band features 3 more Bronze Bird Plaques, 3 more Carnelian Stones and a raised Bronze edge.
The Horn terminates into a Sterling Silver Bird Head which is grasping one of the two Bronze Rings
that attach the black leather strap.

Birds Viking Drinking Horn       Birds Viking Drinking Horn

The Horn is cleaned on the inside and ready for drinking.


3 Triskelions

Triskelion Viking Drinking Horn

It is a sweet little 13" long Horn, ranging from black to white, which holds about 12 ounces of fluid.
It has a Sterling Silver Rim with 3 Megalithic Triskelions on it as well as a knot work pattern edging it.
This Horn terminates into a Cat Head. A Ring on the Rim and the Tip
attach a removable 30" long hand-woven Chain.

Triskelion Viking
            Drinking Horn
All metal parts are Sterling Silver.
The Horn is cleaned on the inside and ready for drinking.


We now also make some small-sized Drinking Horns.
They all feature a Sterling Silver Rim with a Knotwork pattern (about 1/4" wide).
The Horns are mostly black,
cleaned on the inside and ready for drinking out of.
The pictures below are sample pictures and may only resemble the actual Horn.

Viking Drinking

These Horns are about 6" - 8 1/2" long and start at $85.
We also have 12" Horns with these Rim available, they run about $145.

Due to the unique and personal nature of Drinking Horns, each one is individually designed and hand-crafted. Here you can find a detailed description of how to start designing your own personal Drinking Horn. Consider the width, the decorations and the style of the Horn Rim. You can also choose the Horn size as well as pick from various Horn Finals. The number of bands around the Middle of the Horn can also vary. Some Horns additionally feature a Leather carrying strap or a belt loop.

The pictures here are of sample Horns already sold.

They are meant as a guide for your imagination ...

                Drinking Horn    Viking
                Drinking Horn    Viking
                Drinking Horn Tip
Above you may view the Rim (left), the Band (center) and the Tip (right) of the Horn featured at the top of this page.
These are the 3 main components, which make up a Horn.

The Rim of the Horn can be designed by using multiple metals (Silver & Bronze) and components. The Horn featured above has a 2" wide Sterling Silver Rim with a Half-Round Lip, hand-stamped lower borderline and applied components in Bronze & Silver. The Band is 1 1/4" wide Sterling Silver with  Bronze half-round Beading and Sterling Silver components. The Tip is our large Eagle Head Terminal. It is shown with an optional Ring. A Leather Strap is mounted onto the Ring (see top photo for complete view). The Leather Shoulder Strap (optional) comes with your choice of Period Studs, Buckles  and Strap Ends.
(Please see our Buckles, Strap Ends & Mounts page.)

            Drinking Horn   Viking Drinking Horn Rim    Viking
            Drinking Horn Rim
The above pictured Horn Rims employ stamp work in their design.
This method allows for application of your individual line art.

An optional Band may also be designed to match the motive of your personalized Horn Rim.

Here are your choices of Horn terminals:
          Viking Drinking Horn Tip           Viking Drinking
              Horn Tip          Viking Drinking
              Horn Tip       Viking Drinking
              Horn Tip
From right to left: Raven, Wolf, Lion and the large Eagle.
Each of them may grip an optional Ring for suspension of a strap or chain.
In this case, the Horn Rim must also include a Ring to complete the suspension.

Our Horns come in 2 basic sizes: about 12" long and about 20" long.
Occasionally, there are also small Horns available for stronger beverages.

On rare occasions, is it possible to receive a matching pair of Horns.
And on special request, we can get LARGE Horns.

If you are interested in your own personalized horn, pricing, availability and time schedule,
Please inquiry by email.

viking drinking horn

The Jelling Cup

Jelling Cup
The Jelling Cup

Beautiful Replica of this Ancient Vessel
found in Jelling, Jutland, Denmark
Mid 10th Century

Hefty and solid piece is twice the size of the original cup!
Approx 3 1/4" tall, 3" diameter, holds 6 fluid ounces

Solid Sterling Silver
Inquire for current pricing

Click here for additional Photos


Viking Knife
Viking Knife 1

Hand-forged and signed Steel Blade

Three dimensionally carved Wood Handle
 Hand-carved and -stitched Leather sheath
with Bronze accents
3 1/2" Belt Loops

Blade Length: 2 3/4"
Total Knife Length: 6 3/8"


Viking Knife 2
Viking Knife 2

Hand-forged Steel Blade
2 Dragons wrap around entire Wooden handle
 Hand-carved and -stitched Leather sheath
3 1/2" Belt Loops

Blade Length: 5 1/8"
Total Knife Length: 9 1/2"


Viking Knife 3

Hand-forged Steel Blade
Three dimensionally carved Wood Handle
with Beast Motif
 Hand-stitched Leather sheath
with Bronze accents
4" Belt Loops

Blade Length: 3 7/8"
Total Knife Length: 7 3/8"


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