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This page contains a collection of handcrafted  Viking, Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Museum Replicas,
Penannular Style Brooches and Ring Pins as well as Oval Brooches, Trefoil Brooches,
Disk Brooches
Roscrea Brooches and Fibulae in Sterling Silver and Bronze.
At the bottom of this page, you can find various Clasps and Pins.

Penannular Style Brooches

Finnish Cloakpin 

Latgallian Penannular Brooch

9th - 11 th Century

Penannular Brooches with Polygonal (faceted & funnel-shaped)
Terminals are known in Latgallian from the middle of the 9th Century on.
They were also widespread in Scandinavia, especially Gotland.
The origin of the polygonal terminals of brooches is unclear.

Very Dressy Brooch with rich detail
  Approx 5 1/2" wide, 4 3/4" tall

Sterling Silver ... $925
Bronze ... $465


Viking Thistle Brooch

The Thistle Brooch, well liked and very popular with the Vikings, originated in 9th Century Ireland. Moving onto the Continent,

it gained in popularity as it increased in size and complexity. This Thistle Brooch has ball shaped Terminals and Pin-head,
deeply criss-cross incised with a distinctive Bramble effect.
The Pin is fitted with an expanded vertical Terminal.
The Front panels are crafted in Jelling style (an early Viking art style), framed in a circular knotwork border.

Viking Thistle Brooch

Viking Thistle Brooch
9th - 11 th Century
Rich distinctive detail

 4" Diameter
6" Pin

Sterling Silver ... $875

Bramble Brooch

Traditional Viking design with distinctive Thistle Pattern on terminal Orbs and Pin Head.

Bi-metal construction with golden brass panels in Celtic pattern on Sterling Silver framework.

This well liked motif originated in 9th CE  Ireland and spread throughout mainland Europe.

Celtic Bramble Brooch

Bramble Brooch
Rich distinctive detail
  3.5" Diameter

Bi-metal Sterling Silver & Brass ... $845

Hatteberg Brooch

Sterling Silver Viking Penannular Brooch with cast and punched decoration, six animal masks embellish the edging border. Rich domed golden Bronze panels are inlaid on the front. The reverse has finely detailed zoomorphic designs in Jelling style.  The Hatteberg Brooch is an excellent example of Norse craftsmanship working in Insular tradition

Viking Hatteberg Brooch

Hatteberg Brooch

Hatteberg, Norway 
9th Century 

Jelling Design on Reverse
Sterling Silver & Golden Bronze
4" Diameter 

Bi-metal Sterling Silver w/ Brass Panels... $525

Viking Penannular Broach
Bronze Hatteberg Brooch
Hatteberg, Norway 
9th Century 
A Creation of  Norse craftsmanship 
done in Insular Tradition.
Two sided
4" Diameter 

Bi-metal Bronze w/ Sterling Silver panels ... $265

   Openwork Viking Brooch
Openwork Brooch
  Beautiful Detail

9th - 10th Century

Approx. 2 1/2" diameter

Sterling Silver w/ Bronze Domes

Also available with Amber or Garnet Stones
instead of Bronze Domes for $220


Viking Jutland Penannular

Jutland Penannular

Danish Find
9th century

Approx. 2 1/4" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $135

  Small Viking Thistle Brooch

Small Thistle Brooch

Deeply  incised thistle terminals
9th - 10th century

Approx. 2" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $115 - $135
due to size variations

  Lamsa Pin
Lamsa Pin
Lamsa, Finland
11th century
Ridged Pin with Square Terminals

Approx.  1 3/4" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $110

                      Viking Cloak Pin

Fluted Cloak Pin

Ridged Pin with Fluted Terminals
Approx.  1 1/4" x 1 1/2"

Sterling Silver ... $55

                      Viking Penannulars
Rolled End Penannulars
Individually hand-forged
Sterling Silver

Approx. 1" diameter ... $40
Approx. 1 1/2" diameter ... $60
Approx. 2" diameter ... $80

Ring Pins

  Ring Pin 1
Ring Pin 1
Approx.  2 1/2" long

Sterling Silver ... $55

  Ring Pin

Ring Pin 2


Approx.  3" long

Sterling Silver ... $55

Mammen Ring Pin  
Mammen Ring Pin
Viking Age Beast
on front & back
10th Century  

Approx.  3" long

Sterling Silver ... $65

              dress pins
Viking Dress Pins
Viking Era,  9th - 11th Century
 Replica of Private Collection Artifact
Pin is approx. 4 1/2", Pendant is 1 1/2" wide.

Viking artifacts of this style & size are extremely rare.

Sterling Silver ... $160
Pair ... $300

Found as a Pair. From a Swedish Viking settlement area on the Eastern Baltic coast.
Finely detailed with Lunic style hemispherical granulated pendants, each with dangles on links of chain. The pins have a forged tapered head with a hook near the top, and a Sun Wheel on the top of the pin head (pictured center).

  Fylfot Horse
Fylfot Horse Brooch
Replica of Private Collection Artifact
5th - 7th Century
Approx. 1 1/2" across

Sterling Silver ... $85
Bronze ... $65

Oval Brooches

The most characteristic items of female Viking  jewelry are the pairs of Oval Brooches, sometimes called Tortoise Brooches, from their shape, found in many female graves from the Viking Age.  The Tortoise Brooches themselves were sometimes chained together.  These Chains suspended from the pair of Brooches also supported utilitarian objects such as Tweezers, Ear Spoon,  Scissors and a Saex.  Sometimes the Brooches suspended strands of Beads of Glass, Silver, Amber or Jet.

Viking Tortoise Brooches             Viking Tortoise Broaches Silver
Tortoise Brooches
Known from Ireland to the Volga
8th - 10th Century
Very impressive, w/ protruding shadow box cups
3" X 2 3/8"
 Bronze w/ Sterling Silver Cups (above) ... $295 /Pair 

Solid Sterling Silver (below) ... $695 /Pair

 Viking Oval
Oval Brooches
Based on Find from Snasen, Norway
Openwork Design
8th - 10th Century
2" x 3"
Heavy duty Steel Spring Pin on Back

Sterling Silver ... $525 / Pair

For attaching up to 7 strands or chains:
Fans with Rings  ... $125 / Pair

Broaches with Fans and Rings as pictured
Sterling Silver ... $585 / Pair


Trefoil Brooches

The form of the Trefoil Brooch originated with Carolingian Sword Belt fittings, which were obtained in Raid or Trade by the Vikings. Initially, these pieces were simply converted into a Brooch, later on the style was replicated by the Viking Metal Smiths. The motifs on Viking Trefoil Brooches are usually of animals rather than plants.
By the 9th century, they spread widely through the Viking World.  Worn in Pairs at the Shoulder, Viking Trefoil Brooches were also worn singularly in the center on a Cloak or Shawl.

 Granulation Trefoil Brooch
Stora Ryk Trefoil Brooch
Filigree & Granulation
with little Ring
Viking Age
Stora Ryk, Sweden
Approx. 2 1/2" across

Sterling Silver ... $445

 Viking Trefoil Brooch
Jarnalder Trefoil
Borre Style Brooch
Norway,  9th Century
Lightweight but dependable with openwork design
Sturdy hand-riveted Spring Steel Pin 
Approx.  3 1/4"

Sterling Silver ... $250 / Pair ... $475
Bronze ... $145 / Pair ... $265

 Viking Trefoil Brooch Uppland
Uppland Trefoil
 Borre Style Brooch
9th - 10th Century
Bold deep relief design
sturdy hand riveted Spring Steel pin
Approx. 3 1/4" 

Sterling Silver ... $250 / Pair ... $475
Bronze ... $145 / Pair ... $265

 Mammen Trefoil Broach
 Mammen Trefoil
Features Broach fixtures
and Pendant Bail on Back
Approx. 1 3/4"  wide

Sterling Silver ... $95 each
$175 ... Pair


 Borre Trefoil
Birka, Sweden 
9th - 10th Century
Small and deeply detailed Trefoil Brooch
with little Ring for chain

Approx. 1 1/4" 

Sterling Silver ... $85 each
$145 ... Pair

Urnes Style Brooch

The combination of both broad and thin lines of ornament and scrolling loops is typical of the Scandinavian "Urnes Style".  This style is named after the wooden carvings at the Church of Urnes, Norway. It shows the highly accomplished, final development of Viking art.
Variants of this type of Brooch are found throughout Scandinavia and Iceland and  they were used to fasten a Viking Woman's Shawl or Cloak

Viking Urnes
Urnes Brooch
Done in "Urnes Style"
From a Stray Find in
Trollaskogur, Iceland  1100 CE
Solid, with Openwork  
Approx. 2 1/4" tall

Sterling Silver ... $185
Bronze ... $135

Equal-Armed Brooch

During the Viking Era, the Equal Armed Brooch was among the most common of pieces worn by Viking Women. Most every women had a 3 piece assemble: a pair of Brooches at the shoulders, be they Round Brooches, Trefoil Brooches or Tortoise Brooches.  The central piece, which held their outer or under garments together, was most always an Equal Armed Brooch.

Viking Equal Armed brooch
Raven's Roost
Based on various Viking Era Equal Armed Brooches
Very strong piece for heavier Garments
9th - 10th Century
Spring Steel Pin in Back
Approx. 3" wide

Sterling Silver ... $245
Bronze ... $175

Disc Brooches

Examples of Round Brooches being worn instead of Oval Brooches were found in the more Northern reaches of the Continent.
Round or Circular Brooches were most notably worn by Finnish Women.  Men also wore Round and Circular Brooches singularly, regardless of cultural background.

Ringerike Disk
Ringerike Disk
Viking Age Disk from Gotland, Sweden
Scandinavian Family Book
11th Century
Solid, hefty Casting
Approx. 2 1/2" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $325
Bronze ... $195

                        Viking Broach
Varby Broach
Replica of Brooch from Varby Hoard,
one of Sweden's most magnificent Viking Age Hoards
10th Century

Solid, Hefty Casting
Broach Fixtures & Pendant Bail on Back
Approx. 2 1/4" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $275
Bronze ... $165

                        Mosegard Broach
Mosegard Broach
Mosegard, Denmark Hoard
9th Century

Broach Fixtures & Pendant Bail on Back
Approx. 2" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $185

Viking Celtic Horse Broach

Fylfot Pferde

Lightweight openwork design
The Horse is associated with the God Frey.
The Fylfot is an Ancient Sacred Symbol.

Bi-metal Sterling Silver on Bronze
Approx. 3" diameter ... $185

Viking Round
Round Disk Broach
Viking Age Borre Style
Broach Fixtures & Pendant Bail on Back

Approx. 1 1/2" diameter
Sterling Silver ... $90

Viking Urnes Brooch
From Standing Stone
Uppland, Sweden
Urnes Style Open Work
 (1050 - 1170)


Sterling Silver  ... $145

Norwegian Raven Disk
Raven Disk
Norway, 10th Century
Domed Disk Brooch, strong detail
Approx. 1 3/4" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $115

                        Viking Broach
Rus Brooch
Artifact Copy
Borre Style
9th - 10th Century
Approx. 1 3/8" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $85

Anglo-Saxon Broach
Anglo-Saxon Fylfot
Museum Replica of 4th - 5th Century
 Anglo-Saxon Find
Sturdy Bronze Pin in Back
Approx. 1 1/2"
Sterling Silver ... $55
Bronze ... $35

Stellarium Broach
Stellarium Brooch
Classic Mutli-domed design
1000 - 1200 CE
Approx. 1 3/8" diameter

Sterling Silver ... $85

Finno-Ugeric Brooch

Finno-Ugeric Brooch

Replica of Private Collection Artifact
Approx. 3" long

Sterling Silver w/ Amber ... $195

Quoit Brooch

Quoit Brooches originated  with the Saxons in the late 4th Century, the example depicted here is decorated with Scandinavian / Viking style geometric Animal Motifs. The Quoit Brooch spread from west to east across Europe and were part of Slavic Folk Costumes until the 14th and 15th Century. A Quoit Brooch is a variation on the Annular Brooch with a fixed position Pin

Quoit Brooch
Scandinavian / Viking zoomorphic Design
with hand-forged Latch pin
8th - 12th Century 
 3 1/4" wide 

Sterling Silver ... $325

Hallstatt Brooch
                    Hallstatt Brooch
Hallstatt Brooch
Replica of  Find
Hallstatt culture, Austria
Early Celtic, unique design
6th Century BC
Approx. 3 1/4" x 5 "
Sterling Silver ... $555
Not available in Bronze

Roscrea Brooches

Captivating bi-metal fabrication of finely detailed golden brass Panels, framed in a solid Sterling Silver, hand stamped body with Garnets or Amber stones. Also available in Bronze with Sterling Silver panels and Carnelian Stones. Highly detailed Celtic design covers the complete reverse side. Fine example of Celtic Annular Brooch with ornate tri-lobed swivel pin head. Based on the Roscrea Brooch from Tipperary, Ireland  9th Century.

                    Celtic Roscrea Brooch

Regal Roscrea Brooch 
  Truly unique museum quality
Brass Panels on Sterling Silver
with Garnets or Amber
Approx. 3"

Bi-metal Sterling Silver with Brass ... $585

Viking Irish Roscrea Brooch

Roscrea Brooch 
  Truly unique museum quality
Silver Panels on Bronze
with Carnelian Stones
Approx. 3"

Bi-metal Bronze with Sterling Silver ... $445


Anglo-Saxon Fibula
Radiant Fibula
Radiant Head Style Fibula
of Anglo-Saxon Origin
with Wolf, Beast, Raven and Mask Motives
5th - 8th Century
High relief, with openwork 
very sturdy and functional.
Approx. 5 1/2" long

Sterling Silver  ... $695

Jorvik fibula
Jorvik Fibula
Replica of Find from Jorvik, England
10th Century
High relief, very sturdy and functional
Sterling Silver with Bronze Dome

Approx. 3" long ... $145

celtic bow brooch
Maiden Fibula
Styled after brooch 
Oberwittig-Hausen, Germany
5th early 4th BCE, La Tene, Celtic
Mirror surface with strong detail
Approx. 3 1/2" long
Sterling Silver ... $195

                    Viking Fibula
Danish Fibula
11th Century
g detail
Approx. 4" long
Sterling Silver ... $245

Borre Ring Pin
Borre Ring Pin
Ring-headed Pin in Borre Style
Replica of Scandinavian Find
excavated in Russia
Late 10th century
Approx. 8" long

Bronze ... $135


                      Armed Cloak Clasp
Equal Armed Clasp
Great Cloak Closure:
Each Arm pins individually and swivels on the Hook & Eye Center
Styled after various Nordic Designs
High relief, with openwork 
Approx. 6" long by 1 3/4" wide

Sterling Silver w/ Garnets ... $595 / Set
Bronze w/ Carnelians ... $345 / Set

Birka Viking Buttons
Birka Buttons
Replica of Original Button find
from Birka, Sweden  
Approx. 1/2" long each
Sterling Silver

Set of 4 Buttons ... $85

Rus Viking
                        Kaftan Clasp
Rus Kaftan Clasp
Double Hook & Eye Clasp
for use on heavy Fabric and Leather 
Cloaks, Capes & Kaftans
Kruskaya, Russia

Tabs for attaching on each back *
Approx. 2 5/8" wide

Sterling Silver... $95 / Set

                  Wickelbander Hook
Wickelbander Hooks
Saxon Metal detector Find
Somerset, UK
9th- 11th Century
3 holes for attaching
Approx. 1 1/8" x 1 1/2" each
Reverse View

Sterling Silver... $85 / Set

Saxon Garment
Wickelbander Hooks 2
9th- 11th Century
Approx. 1" x 1 1/2" each

Sterling Silver... $55 / Set

Double cloak clasp
Styled after 10th. Century Rus Hook
3 Holes each for sewing on
Approx. 2 1/4" each

Sterling Silver... $95 / Pair

Bronze ... $65 / Pair

                        Cloak Clasp
Fæst Cloak  Clasp
(Fæst, "firmly fixed, steadfast") 
Double Cloak Clasp
Rings at Top for attachment

Approx. 1 3/4" each

Sterling Silver ... $125 / Pair

Bronze ... $75 / Pair


                  Birka Horse Broach
 Replica of Mold 
Birka (Black Earth)
Uppland, Sweden

Cuttle Bone Pattern
Approx. 2 1/2"

Sterling Silver ... $85

                  Horse Brooch
Pictish Horse
Adapted from 
Pictish Rock Carving
Cuttle Bone Pattern
Approx. 2" tall (+ dangles)
(Chains may vary)

Sterling Silver
... $125

Lillevang Viking Longboat
Lillevang  Longboat
Replica of Viking Age Find
 Lillevang, Bornholm
Denmark, 800-1050 CE
Approx. 2" wide 

Sterling Silver ... $95

Celtic Pictish
                  Boar Brooch
Pictish, Vanic, Celtic
Cuttle Bone Pattern
Approx. 2" wide 

Sterling Silver
... $90

Pictish War
War Goose
Based on Pictish
Rock Carving
Cuttle Bone Pattern
Approx. 2" wide

Sterling Silver ... $90

Photos may not reflect actual size.

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