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Viking & Celtic Necklaces, handcrafted Viking Plaited Chain and Boar Tusks

Nordic Hammer Necklace

Nordic Hammer Necklace

Nordic Thor's Hammer
Late 10th Century
Hand-woven Leather Cord
Approx. 5 mm thick, 24" long 

with Sterling Silver Beast Heads
Hand-forged tapered Suspension Hook

Sterling Silver & Leather


thor's hammer necklace

Giant Thor's Necklace

Hand crafted 22" Chain
with Beast Head Terminals
Grasping the Antlered Skane Hammer
Thick, hefty Piece!
Opens in Front
10th Century, Sweden
Chain diameter: approx. 6 mm

 Sterling Silver
... $875

                Thor's Hammer Necklace

Icelandic Hammer Necklace

Hand-woven 3 mm thick Chain
with Beast Head Terminals
Approx. 22" long
Hand-Forged tapered Suspension Hook
Large 2 1/2" Islandic Thor's Hammer

  Sterling Silver ... $410

thor hammer necklace


20" Hand-plaited Chain
Burge style terminals 
Hand-Forged tapered suspension ring
Large 2 1/2" Islandic Hammer

Chain diameter: approx. 6 mm

  Sterling Silver ... $725

                Thor's Hammer Necklace
Romersdal Thor's Hammer Necklace

Hand-woven 3mm thick Chain
with Beast Head Terminals
Approx. 22" long
Hand-forged tapered Suspension Hook
Romersdal Thor's Hammer
Bornholm, Denmark
Late 10th Century

Sterling Silver ... $345

Skane Thor's
                Hammer Necklace
Skane Hammer Necklace

A massive Warrior's Necklace
crafted from about 9 ounces of Silver
Skane 1 Thor's Hammer
from Skane, Sweden
24" Pictish Double Links Chain
with Toggle Clasp in back

Hand-forged tapered Suspension Ring

Sterling Silver ... $1025

viking plait necklace
   Viking Plaited Chain

Hand-woven Chain with
a Toggle Clasp
Sterling Silver
16" long ... $345
22" long ... $465
Various other finals and clasps available.
We can also add the Burge Style Terminals
as well as U Hooks or Tapered Rings
and most of our Pendants!
Please inquire!

 Pictish Double Links Necklace
   Pictish Double Links Chain

Hand-crafted Chain with Toggle Clasp
20" long tip to tip, wears like an 18" Necklace
Solid, hefty piece weighs over 5 ounces!

Sterling Silver ... $695


Other lengths available upon request.
We can also add Pendants to this chain.

Berg Kristall
                Kette Berg Kristall Kette

Mountain Crystal in Granulated Silver Setting

Hand-woven Chain with Beast Terminals
Based on Finds from Birka, Sweden
10th Century
Approx. 18" long
Sterling Silver

1" Crystal ... $345
3/4" Crystal ... $325

Fylgja Necklace

Hand-woven 6 mm thick Chain
with Burge Head Terminals
Approx. 18" long
Hand-forged tapered Suspension Hook
Fylgja Pendant

Sterling Silver ... $475

Other Pendants available upon request.

Crystal Necklace
with matching Earrings

1" Mountain Crystal
in granulated Silver Setting

Hand-woven 6 mm thick Chain
with Burge Beast Terminals
Approx. 18" long

Hand-forged tapered Suspension Hook

Based on 10th Century Finds from Birka, Sweden

Sterling Silver ... $575
Matching Earrings ... $155


Lunik Necklace

Hand-woven 2mm thick Chain
Approx. 18" long
Kievan Lunik Pendant

Sterling Silver ... $125


Viking Necklaces

Hand-woven 3 mm thick Chain
with Hook & Eye Clasp
Available in any Length

Sterling Silver Chains only
18" ... $185
24" ... $245


Braided Leather Viking Necklaces

Braided Leather Necklaces

  Sterling Silver Beast Heads
Viking Age
Hand-braided, genuine leather
approx.  1/4" thick
Available in any Length

18" ... $135
20" ... $145
24" ... $

Matching U Hook also available
Small ... $35
Medium ... $45
Large ... $55


Brisingamen Necklace

Based on find from
Havdhem, Gotland
11th - 12th Century

Adjustable  15 1/2"- 17 1/2"
One-of-a-Kind Piece

Mountain Crystals & Silver ... $1375

Birka Lunik
Birka Lunik Necklace

Granulated Birka Lunik and Beads
Approx. 15 1/2" to 17 1/2" long

Sterling Silver ... $325

Fancier Versions also available
(pictured on right)
Lunik Necklace

Celtic Spirals

Handmade Spiral Beads
form a rich Celtic Necklace
Adjustable 15 1/2" - 17" long

Sterling Silver ... $425

   Vårby Necklace

Hand-crafted filigree & saucer beads
replicated to match archeological finds
Vårby Hoard Pendant

9th Century
Vårby, Sweden
Approx. 16" long

  Sterling Silver  w/ Filigree
Beads... $495

Hallstatt necklace
Hallstatt Necklace

Replica of  Find from
Hallstatt Culture, Austria
6th Century BCE

Approx. 3 1/4" x 5 "
20" Length

Sterling Silver ... $575
Bronze ... $395

 Boar Tusk pendant
Borre Tusk 

Boar's Tusk with Sterling
Silver End Cap in Borre Style
4" long Boar Tusk

$125  -  $185
Please Inquire

Boar Tusk Oaks
Oaks Tusk 

Large Boar's Tusk
with Sterling Silver End Cap
in Oak Leaves and Acorn design
Highly detailed deep relief

  Tusks vary in size
$145  -  $295
Please Inquire
Boar Tusk Oaks

    Oaks Tusk
Ancient Tusk
  Sterling Silver Oaks Caps
set atop a beautifully honey colored Tusk
Tusk is about 6" long
Hidden Bail on Top

One-of-a-kind Piece


Oak Tusks
                  with Amber Stone   
Oaks Tusks
Sterling Silver Oaks Caps
encompass a golden Amber Stone
Iridescent Hawaiian Boar Tusks
Hidden Bail on back

Individually hand-crafted

Boar Tusks Necklace
Slidhrugtanni Necklace

 Large Boars Tusk Pair
forming a 5" circle
Massive Sterling design
inspired by 9th Century Danish Finds
Hefty 26" Sterling Silver Chain
unhooks on both ends

Individually hand crafted

Other Tusks and Caps available upon request.

Overlay Necklaces


Firedrake Gorget

Mirrored Design in Urnes Style
Based on Stone Carving from Ardre, Gotland
11th Century

Sterling Silver Overlay with Chain
Approx. 4.5" wide

(Chains & Clasps may vary)


Greifvogel Gorget

 Birds of Prey
Late Celtic Style

Sterling Silver Overlay with Chain
Approx. 4.5"  wide

(Chains & Clasps may vary) 

Photos may not reflect actual size.

Please note: Most of these Necklaces are quite unique Creations. Therefore, they may vary in detail from the ones pictured.

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