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Below, you can find what some folks have said about our work. Feel free
to email us with comments, suggestions, or questions about the Web Site or our Jewelry.  Thank You!     Askjel & Birte

I ordered the Beasty Eike Bracelet, I was promptly replied to by Birte, who was very nice and helpful with sizing. I placed the order and even when it had to be made and the weather delayed it being shipped, I received it in less than 10 days. It fits perfectly and it’s a beautiful piece of work. I love it and highly recommend to anyone. You are wonderful people and produce quality work. I will order more in the future. Thank you again! Joseph Z.

Askjel & Birte  i would like to inform you that my amulet arrived safely and very quickly,  the casting is of very high quality,.thank you for your help and i have recommended you to many friends
thank you for posting it as i requested just normal post airmail all is good. once again many thanks,  Jason

 Dear Askjel & Birte,
I asked you to forge two pieces for me, i.e. the Skåne Hammer 2 and the Södermanland Cuff. When I received them...I was speechless; they are breathtaking. They look even better than the original pieces. I am pretty sure that you both are the reincarnation of Viking silversmiths. I am so proud to own such wonderful pieces of art. Thank you very much. Lots and lots of greetings,
Dario Zanetti - Ph.D. student in Archaeology University of Innsbruck (Austria)"

Askjel and Birte, We have received the pieces you made for us today. What amazing pieces of art, as always! It is so delightful to know there are true Artists who actually hand  craft these pieces themselves. So many Viking vendors sell so called "handcrafted" pieces which are actually crafted in Indonesian sweat shops. Good to know there are true Artists who give real personal service and not just carts to order from. It is always a delight to speak with you personally and discuss our order. Thank you so much for being there and continuing this tradition!
Bjorn and Claudia

Dear Askjel and Birte Sometime a week or more will go by between checking my email and I didn't even know you had put my Torc in the mail till I received it just now. It is...INCREDIBLE! It's hard to believe but it is even more gorgeous than the picture on your website. It is heavy and feels...right. I absolutely LOVE it and will never take it off! I believe you are correct about this piece wanting to be made because it couldn't fit better if I had been born wearing it! This is a very special piece of jewelry (somehow 'jewelry' doesn't seem like the right word) and I feel special and honored to have it. Thank you so much! You may rest assured that I will direct anyone who asks about it to your website. You are lovely people and it has truly been a pleasure interacting with you. 
Have a wonderful day and life up there in the wilds of Montana...
Sincerely, Carey

Hey Guys, We received our Jewellery, amazing work guys very happy thanks for everything. Will be ordering some more stuff from you guys again. Thanks. Travis

Askjel & Birte, We first saw your work while on vacation (Viking Cruse Ship). Your pieces displayed there were incredible. We also visited several museums and viewed many viking era artifacts. Your work and craftsmanship is beyond compare. We love it. Keep up the good work. Paul & Paula R.

Askjel and Birte, received the Roscrea Brooch you made for my wife today. This will be the greatest gift ever. The quality and workmanship is beyond compare.You will definitely be receiving many more orders from us. Ralph K. (UK)

 Hi Birte and Askjel, Wow!!!!!! I am more than pleased with the necklace. The work that you do is absolutely amazing. I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful piece of jewelry. The chain and hammer are so amazing and absolutely perfect. Again, thank you so much, I truly am a fan and appreciate your talents. BJ

Good morning, I just wanted to confirm that I received all of the items earlier this week, and am thrilled with them.  You do very good work!  Thank you again.  Peter

Today your parcel arrived at ours. What can I say - just amazing work! I am so happy and will proudly wear your key and fibula on my Viking dress the coming season.
Thank you so much, I will warmly recommend your work. Best regards, Victoria

Good evening Askjel & Birte,The package arrived over the weekend and I must say that your are truly a  gifted master of your field!  Mear words can not express your incredible work. I have been looking for a true Mjölnir replica and I now proudly wear it around my neck. I definitely will be checking your sight for more amazing creations.  I wish you all the best and Happy Yule too you as well.  Dank je !

Greetings Askjel and Birte, received my Thistle Brooch today. WOW! what an outstanding piece of work. I am speechless!  So, so much better than I ever imagined. The personal service was great as well. Love your work! Many Thanks, Johnathan B

Many thanks for the beautiful bracelets. We are thrilled with them as they will be a beautiful addition to our Viking workshop! Deborah R., National Maritime Museum Cornwall, England

Dear Askjel and Birte --These pieces arrived today -- magnificent!  The U-hook is perfectly sized.It's such a privilege to enjoy such stellar art and craftsmanship! Blessings to you both. James K
Hi Askjel & Birte,I just wanted to let you know that I received the bracelet and it fits perfectly; Thanks so much for the great job!
Hello Askjel and Birte, My sister is blown away by the Slemmedal earrings - she loves them! My 13 year old son, a young man of few words, is enjoying the wolf print hair tie - if he isn't wearing it, he keeps it with him at all times. I hope you are well - I wanted you to know that we are all enjoying your work! Dave N.

Dear Askjel and Birte,
Just wanted to let you know I sneaked a peek at the Bracelets before returning them safely to their velvet bags. They are truly beautiful.  I am thrilled that they represent the strength and beauty of my daughters. I'm planning on giving them to them on Thanksgiving day - we're very thankful they are in our lives.  I will let you know if they have unique responses to their gifts. Again, thank you. I will highly recommend your artistry to my friends. Sincerely, Janna
Greetings Askjel and Birte, received my Wolf Torc today. As usual a great piece of artwork. Will be ordering all of my jewelry from you for another ten years. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Many Blessings. Carl F.    p.s. Already putting my family Jul gift order together.
Askjel & Birte, Just received my Einherjar pendant today and want to thank you,it is perfect an absolutely gorgeous piece the workmanship is outstanding and more than I was hoping for. Thanks again and I will not hesitate to order from you in the future. John R.
Askjel and Birte, received my Ulfhednar pendant and chain in the mail today. Amazing detail, quality workmanship. Delightful and personable customer service. I just keep coming back. Josh B (Germany)

Thank you so much Askjel and Birte! I just received my new Mjölnir in the mail today! It's beautiful, I'm so pleased with it! I'll wear it everyday with pride. Thank you again,Imogen

Hello,My wife and I were out of town for a few days, so my bracelet was waiting for me when I got home.  I'm very pleased with it! The craftsmanship is beautiful. In fact, my wife took a photo of it, with your business card and sent it to some friends.  I will be recommending your work. Thank you very much for all the time and work you put into it. James B

Askjel & Birte, The necklace arrived today! It is so beautiful and heavy!!  It has just the detail I was looking for.  So many pieces I've seen on other sites have blurred facial features and the clothing isn't well defined.  Your piece is wonderfully detailed in both face and dress!!  And it arrived so fast! Thank you, Karen

Dear Askjel and Birte.. A heart felt hail from nikiski alaska! Few months ago, I received an eike cuff from you. I wanted to let you know that when I removed it from the felt bag, ....i gasped! Truly a working of beauty and craftsmanship, and that it was made by true folk is of the utmost importance to me! Just absolutely love it!! Wanted to say thank you ~ will proudly wear it and stear its compliments your way!
Hail! Most respectfully, Tyler Max Hansen.

Good day! I received it today. I love it! Excellent size and craftsmanship. Perfect! With gratitude, Lonnie

Hi Folks, Good news.. The pendant has arrived.. It did manage to bypass every scan along the way.. I would just like to say that I could not be more pleased with it.. Thanks again for all the help, you're customer care is as fantastic as your jewelry..  Blessed be  Chris James

Askjel and Birte, I love the Thor's hammer I purchased from you a couple years back and I never thought another piece of jewelry could surpass it. However the arm-ring you sent is wonderful and equally as amazing. You are hands down the finest silversmith of custom made Viking/Norse jewelry alive today. I never fail to mention where I have received the Thor's hammer from and I am sure to get many more compliments from the arm-ring. Thank you for creating both pieces. In frith, Scott P.

Just to let you know that the goose pin arrived safely yesterday and I am delighted with it.  More importantly, my wife is thrilled with it! Many thanks Jonathan W., UK.

Birte,I am absolutely delighted with the bracelets; they fit well and have been beautifully crafted; they really are a treasure for the future - thank you so much! Best Regards, Chris A.

The Einherjar pendant arrived today. It is even more beautiful than its picture. I am Very Happy. Many Thanks, Robin D.

Wanted to let you know the necklace is beautiful and my girlfriend loves it.  It was the perfect gift and you were so helpful in getting it to me on time.  Thanks again.  I also appreciate that you followed up to make sure I got it.  It is a beautiful piece.  Thanks again. Vincent

Thank you once again for allowing me to do business with you.  I love your products and if I had more money, I'd buy you out completely (especially your jewelry section, I've had my eye on a few of those rings!).
 Crimthann of Fid-Nemed, the Winter-Born

Thank you so much! By the gods it's gorgeous!! Arrowyn

The Torc I ordered from you recently arrived today.  It's amazing!  I bought it as a birthday gift and it was perfect.  I've already recommended your site to someone, and I will be doing so a lot more.  I was really impressed with the quality of the item, and the promptness of response to my questions, and how quickly you got the item out to me. Thank you for being such a pleasure to shop with, and for your great product.  Annie H.

I have received the cuff and it is beautiful!  I can't thank you enough for your kind and helpful customer service, and I will be sure
to order from you again as well as recommend you to all my friends. Blessings,Tanya Y., Arizona

The piece arrived today and I am more than pleased. Its very attractive and fits perfectly. Thank you for the care you put into it! I look forward to doing business with you all in the future. Tosten

I received my Pictish War Goose brooch and it is AMAZING!  I am so happy with it in fact I think this will be my favorite piece.  I absolutely love the texture and everything about it is quality.  Thank you so much for your incredible workmanship.  Colleen M., Oregon

Just so you know the horn has passed the test ! 14 beers (Yuengling Porter) between 4 all were impressed at the quality of the horn but most of all the connectedness to what it is to be a warrior!  Thanks for the quality of your workmanship and your horns!  We are already looking forward to the next gathering of the horn! Keith G.

Your silver Valsgaerde belt is one of my most prized possessions, which I still maintain religiously. I feel like a king when I'm wearing it.  You folks make some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen. Jeff A.

My order just arrived. I was very pleased to say the least. I will not hesitate to consider your goods as the needs arise. Thank you again for your wonderful craftsmanship. Brett D.

I have received my bracelets and and thrilled with them! They are of exceptional quality, detail and finish: I don't know quite how to explain it but there is a "softness" and stillness to them; nothing harsh or brash. I love the detail of the scalloped edges on the bracelet: such a simple thing but it so sets it apart. And the detail of the carved heads and the wire weave on the other is wonderful.I feel like I have owned them for years already. Thank you so much for the gift of your fine work and I will be back with another order soon.With much gratitude, Robert G., Oregon

What can I say .  .  .  !  Your work is just incredible, and your attention to detail is so defined!  The necklace is so much more spectacular than the photo on your website.  You can't catch the "sparkle" in it through a photo or computer image!  I am sooooo pleased!  I can't wait to wear it!!  The earrings are beautiful, and just the perfect size - not too big or not too small. I love the way they catch the light! Chris's bracelet is so nice and sturdy and heavy. He is very happy with it.  Needless to say, we are more than happy with our new jewelry.  The hard part will be waiting until Christmas to actually be able to wear any of it!  You have both been so great and helpful, and I can assure you, you will hear from us again soon.  Thank you for everything!    Sincerely,    Louise and Chris

You're all that glitters and shines in the Viking Market ;  Nessie

I received my cuff today and am very pleased with the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thank you so much. I will be spreading the good word about Urweg.
Mark P., TN

I just picked up my pkg from the post office - I LOVE IT!  It is sooo cool and beautiful.  You have been a delight to work with - so organized and helpful. Thank you so much, Jacque D.

OUTSTANDING! All my cohorts who saw it said it was VERY nice and I pass along their compliments to you. We will be doing more business in the near future. Thank you much, Evan.

I received my son's hammer this past Saturday and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with it . I know he will treasure for years to come . I am so pleased with it I wish to purchase another from you .  Have a most prosperous day! Jim G.

I wanted to let you know how happy my wife was to receive the Valkyrie pendant. The Allmother Frigga has been a source of strength for her. My deepest appreciation, May the Gods see you all and smile! Charlie D.

The items arrived safe and sound here. They are both amazing, i just don't really have the words to tell you! Thank you so, so much, i'm sure i'll be back for some more items in the future. All the best! Phil S.

Thank You both for such a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.It is a remarkable piece of art and revived history. Christina B.

I received my Bag....It's outstanding!  The exceptional quality, workmanship and detail surpassed my expectations in every way.  Thank you for accommodating my custom request, the bag will be a durable and treasured part of my riding gear. It was certainly a pleasure to order from you; I look forward to ordering additional items in the future. Scott F.
A quick note to tell you how handsome the Jorvik Viking era ring is, and how it surpasses my expectations.  Newly-created and yet it appears to have been the very piece worn over a thousand years ago.  Exactly the synergistic merging of art and antiquity that I want in jewelry.  I will be ordering more pieces.  A superb and satisfying job.  Thank you. TGM/New York

My son gave me the Berg Kristall as a gift today - it is beautiful!  I have it on now, and I keep looking at it because it is so lovely.  Your work is wonderful - your pieces are my favorites.  Thank you for such artistry.  Wishing you many blessings. Nancy A.

I just wanted to let you know that I received my pouch mount and studs this morning. I have to say they are absolutely stunning. They have far exceeded my expectations and I just wanted to pass that on and say thank you for my order. Totally top class! Many Thanks Dave A.

Oh my goodness, the pieces are perfect!  It feels real to wear y'all's work - not some slick impersonal modern thing. It is so beautiful - thank you again for the superb job.  Best wishes, Erin H.

I would have to say its absolutely awesomely marvelous, for lack of being unable to think of something more awesome to say.  Seeing something firsthand compared to viewing a picture of it is completely different. I see the detail that went into twisting the silver and the detail of the terminals. Your hands as well as your talent are truly blessed and I am quite honored to wear the arm-ring not only with period garb but with mundane clothing as well. My friends will really be envious that they don'thave such a cool piece to grace their arms!! But I will give them your address so they can view your items and maybe do business with you also. You can solidly bet that I will return as a customer again, as I've said earlier in our communications, I do want to have my drinking horn done by you and I will be sending it to you. You are true craftspeople and I just cannot express myself enough. Many thanks for your hard work and efforts through the difficult time that you had while trying to accomplish this. Bright Blessings to you all, Roger A. 
The pieces I ordered arrived today!  This is my second order from you and I just had to say that I am very pleased once again.  The work you do is of the utmost skill resulting in items that demonstrate quality in every measure.  The heft of the pieces, sturdiness of construction, the clear details, even the high level of polish are testament to your consummate care and craftsmanship.  On top of all this, the speed with which you expedited my order is impressive, too.  Thank you for everything.  I predict I will be ordering from you yet again.  Sincerely,  Susan H.


I just discovered your website a couple of days ago and had to tell you that your work is the most beautiful Viking metalwork I have ever seen. It is exquisite and a joy to the soul.  Thank you. Lois D., Los Angeles

Greetings just a quick email to say the torc arrived this morning and its first rate fantastic! Many thanks!!  Jeff  UK

Exceptionally fine works of art and craftsmanship!  Loni, Newfoundland

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Hallstadt necklace and two Raven's Disc brooches today.  They are both lovely beyond words.  The necklace is stunning!  Everything (the weight of it in hand, the numerous details, the construction, etc.) exhibits the highest quality.  The brooches are equally beautiful and as well constructed.  I am VERY glad I ordered from you.  I am certain to do so again.   Susan

As a lover of Nordic history and design, I must tell you that the quality of your work knocks me over.  Patti

We love you folks!  Some of our greatest works of art are your creations. Exceptional craftsmanship, fine detail, superior quality and very reasonable prices!
Petra Z., Deutschland

"OH MY THOR", This is the coolest piece of jewelry I've ever seen. Fabulous! I'm going to become addicted to your stuff ..........  Erik

 I'm speechless.  I truly don't know what to say.  I can't find the words to express the way I felt when I saw your creation.  I just sat there ... in awe.  I could never have imagined such a beautiful and intricate design. These bracelets will be treasured heirlooms that I will pass down to my son. I can't thank you enough for spending your time and creativity to make these so special for me. I hope this letter conveys how much I appreciate your efforts. Jeff, California

Thank you so much for the beautiful brooch. It really made our wedding wonderful! Victoria & Eric

This is the most beautiful and detailed  jewelry I have ever owned! Everything we ordered was exceptional, and professional  in every way.  Gunther & Inken D. Freiburg

The Vaerne belt set for my Viking baldric is "wonderful"........I'm telling all of my Viking enthusiast friends about your web site, and wares.......Mark, Va.

How can I ever thank you for doing such fine works of art for our household? The work you two do is phenomenal!
Thomas, Wa.

....what incredible pieces.......love every piece I have gotten from you....hope to buy more soon!
Uwe K. Baden-Baden, Germany

Wonderful artists,
My husband just presented me with a most beautiful Moon Cat pendant.  I have been admiring your work for several months now, and this was a great surprise!  He told me how willing you were to accommodate his request . I must commend you on your quality of craftsmanship, it is certainly heirloom worthy.
 Thank you once again for creating such remarkable pieces of wearable art, for the mere term "jewelry" fails to describe them.
Hellen B., California

Your jewelry is beautiful, and just what I had hoped to find! ... Thank you for making such lovely and useful things that reflect our love for nature...
Sincerely, Darcy V., Washington

I have never been so happy with any piece of Jewelry.........yours are my favorites in all of my collection.....keep up the GREAT WORK!
Gunnar L., Reykjavek, Island

...Your website is beautiful. I have passed it along to friends...
Barbara C., Colorado

... I am really  happy with my bracelet and I had a great time talking with you ...
Knut, Wyoming

How can you sell such high quality jewelry for such reasonable prices? I was amazed to see just how beautiful and detailed my Pennangular is! Thank you very much for the priceless heirloom! I will wear it at every Parade, Band practice, and drunken brawl I go to ...........thanks !
Paul M. Oregon

... You guys are great! ...
Bronwyn T., Washington

Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying the wrist torque I purchased from you. I have had a lot of comments about it. I also love the web site. I would be interested in another wrist torque similar to the one I have, but with a boar or boars head in the middle.
Mike B., the kilt wearing mead maker, Pueblo, Colorado

....what incredible pieces.......love every piece I have gotten from you....hope to buy more soon!
Uwe K. Baden-Baden, Germany

Thanks to you I was able to Honor my daughter for her special accomplishments.......she has not taken the bracelet I gave her off....she absolutely loves it. I wanted to know that the gift I gave was special, like my Daughter, and it is.
Karen M., Colorado


And thank you all for your wonderful Blessings, Wishes & Comments!
We are honored to be a part of our wonderful Ancestral Traditions & Community!
Askjel & Birte

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