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Traditional Viking
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The Irminsul Ćttir is an Ásatrú church organization, a voluntary association of Ásatrúar to practice the religion, facilitate networking, sharing of resources, developing educational material and programs, fostering cooperation and the promotion of Ásatrú. Lots of information about Heritage & Religion with a well-stocked library on these subjects. Also covers Language resources, Runic Studies and Seid Magical practices. Extensive list of Asatru Kindreds around the World and Gothar available for traditional Heathen Ceremonies.  

Flight of the Condor / Shamanism    It was a great effort to present this knowledge in easy-to-comprehend articles to you. Many (but not all) shamanic techniques are described.  The techniques described should be practiced under experienced and skillful guidance of skilled shamans only and at your own risk.

Ancient Finnish Myths - Myths, Culture and feelings of the ancient Finish Folk. Here you will  cross over to the weird world of ancient Finnish Mythology. "Finns have the power  of Darkness, Finns are Wizards" this was the cry of the Viking Warriors who feared nothing........nothing but the Finns and their dark Forests.

Order of the Northern Way - Much has been said regarding Western Thought and the Eastern Way. But what about the religious traditions and practices of the North?  There was a rich fully developed pre-Christian European religion thriving just 1000 years ago.  The parts of Europe practicing Teutonic Heathenry include everything from the small Alpine section of Northern Italy, thru the eastern and mountainous sections of Spain, most all of France, up through the British Isles and throughout Scandinavia.

british museum
The British Museum: Meet the Ancestors
With links to galleries, touring exhibition information, workshops, events calendar and much more.

Historiska Museet- Sweden: Galleries The Museum of National Antiquities in Sweden is responsible for Swedish cultural history and art from the Stone Age to the 16th century. Gallery of Vikings: More than 4,000 objects bear witness of the people, their lives and travels.

viking center
Rosala Viking Center - Finland: Galleries. Museum with picture galleries and reconstructed Viking Era houses.

sutton hoo
Sutton Hoo Society - Produced to give you a brief introduction to the work of the Sutton Hoo Society and the story behind the Anglo Saxon Royal Cemetery at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk in the UK.


Krauka A traditional style music group which takes you on a musical journey back in time to an era when the Norse culture blossomed over the North Atlantic region, the time when the Vikings were setting out on perilous sea voyages from Scandinavia across the Faroes, Iceland and Greenland to Vinland (New Foundland).


ordisk Folkmusik Another great link to Norse folkmusic.
Site is in Danish, but hey, this is (blood memory) Music!

Yoik - Yoik is the Sami or Laplandic Way of singing or chanting. There are yoiks for persons, animals and landscapes. The musical modus of yoiks is totally different from what is known in Euro-American music. Some say that yoiks are the oldest musical tradition still alive in Europe

Hedningarna  - All through the nineties Hedningarna have wandered in the front line when it comes to moving borders and renewing the Swedish folkmusic.

FROG  Folk and Roots Online Guide: Folkworld's Artists of Northern European Folk Musicians. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Sweden. With links to each featured Artists site.

La Seaux

L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site of Canada - The reconstructions of three Norse buildings are the focal point of this archaeological site, the earliest known European settlement in the New World. The archaeological remains at the site were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. Exhibits highlight the Viking lifestyle, artifacts, and the archaeological discovery of the site.

Norstead: Viking Port of Trade created to take history out of the exhibit case and place it in the hands of visitors. Join costumed interpreters in the dim light of the Viking-style Chieftain's Hall and listen to mysterious Viking tales. Watch the blacksmith forging iron. Step aboard the full-scale replica of the Viking ship Snorri
Learn how the Vikings mastered the North Atlantic. Use a simple notched stick to measure distance by the stars. Shape clay into pottery the way the Vikings did.  It’s in your hands to explore!

Foteviken - Viking Museum  adjacent to a a Living History Viking Village. There are many interesting ancient monuments and sites in the area where The Museum of Foteviken is situated. The cultural heritage of the Viking Age is indeed present in the landscape, surrounding the Museum of Foteviken. This area was of great im-portance to the Danish kings. As an established Viking or member of a re-enactment group, you are of course always welcome to visit the Viking Reserve. You can come and stay whenever you like.


Adventures of Beowulf- Beowulf, written in old English sometime before the  10th. century CE, describes the adventures of a great Scandinavian Warrior of the 6th  century. Beoulf is the oldest surviving epic in British history.

Poetic & Elder Edda - sacred texts, sagas and legend

Old Norse etexts  Sćmundar Edda, and much more. A good collection for study.

Estonian Folklore- Estonian folklorists' server Haldjas (fairy, guardian spirit), which was set up in 1995 by the folk belief research group of the Institute of the Estonian Language. Presently, the group and the server have been incorporated under the Estonian Literary Museum.

Runes - Alphabet of Mystery. Origins, meanings, rune castings, divination, how to make a Rune set, and much more on Norse history and Mythology

NOVA - Explore a Viking Village (video)Secrets of Norse Ships, The Viking Diaspora, Wite your Name in Runes

Swastika Swastika Swastika Swastika Swastika Swastika Swastika Swastika Swastika Swastika   Swastika Swastika Swastika Swastika

The Swastika - A reproduction of the Book "The Swastika" written by Thomas Wilson, curator, Department of Prehistoric Anthropology,  U.S. National Museum, published by the Smithsonian Institute  in 1896.

Truth & Legend of the Swastika- The SWASTIKA (or Fylfot) is one of the oldest symbols still existing in history. It is a sacred and prehistoric symbol that predates all formal religions known to humankind. This common heritage of mankind - the connection between almost all developed cultures - could also be found in Western Europe until the beginning of the last century, as a traditional symbol for the highest knowledge of mankind.


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Traditional Viking
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