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This page contains unique Specialty Jewelry and Accessories.

Currently, you may find items such as Birch Bark Boxes, Viking Knives , Ancient Glass Works ,
Wooden Wares as well as miscellaneous items. Most of these
wondrous things
are one-of-a-kind items
and are only available as long as supplies lasts.

The Jelling Cup

Jelling Cup
The Jelling Cup

Beautiful Replica of this Ancient Vessel
found in Jelling, Jutland, Denmark
Mid 10th Century

Hefty and solid piece is twice the size of the original cup!
Approx 3 1/4" tall, 3" diameter, holds 6 fluid ounces

Solid Sterling Silver
Sales Price ... $1285

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Birch Bark

Oetzi, the Iceman from the Alps, already carried with him containers of Birch Bark. The knowledge of this multi-faceted material came over the Bearing Straight from Siberia. And even after thousands of years, Birch Bark Containers are still today individually hand-crafted using the same Ancient techniques. The Secret of the Birch Bark is in its utility. The etheric Oils of the Bark are naturally antiseptic. Therefore, the Containers are very well suited for storing Salt, Tea, Coffee, Crackers, Musli or Grains. Bread will last days longer in these containers!
The Birch Bark used for our Containers is a side product of Siberian Forestry.  Each one is hand-crafted and sizes and colors may vary!
Clean your Birch Bark Box by wiping with a damp cloth.

Storage Bins

Siberian Birch Bark
4" diameter, 4 3/4" tall ... $45
3" diameter, 3 1/2" tall .... $40

2 1/2" diameter, 2" tall .... $35

Birch Bark
Family Storage Bins

Siberian Birch Bark
5" diameter, 6 3/4" tall ... $60
6" diameter, 8 3/4" tall ... $65

Birch Bark
Round Bread Boxes

Siberian Birch Bark

Small (9" diameter, 5" tall) ... $110
Large (12" diameter, 6 1/4" tall) .... $135

Birch Bark
Oval Bread Boxes

Siberian Birch Bark
Small (10" x 6" x 6 1/2" tall) ... $115
Large (11" x 8" x 8" tall) ... $155

Wooden Wares

     Hand made finnish sauna
Hand-made Finnish Sauna Bucket

Large: 10" Diameter, 6" tall
Available in natural or charred
Sales Price ... $58

Small: 8" diameter, 5" tall
Available in natural only

Sales Price ... $49 

Bone Needles

Hand-carved Cow Bone
Limited Supply

Medium (3 1/4" long)
Large (4" long)
Sales Price ... $9

Viking Age Knives

Birka Knife
Birka Knife
Handmade Reproduction
8" Carbon Steel Blade
5 1/2" Curved Wooden Handle with Bronze Fittings
12" Leather Sheath with Bronze Decorations
and single Suspension Loop


Long Seax
Long Seax
Handmade Reproduction
11 1/2" Carbon Steel Blade
5 3/4" Wooden Handle with Bronze Fittings
18" Leather Sheath with Bronze Decorations
and 2 Belt Loops
Sales Price ... $95

Viking Whet Stones

Viking Age Knife Sharpeners
Quarried in Kaupang, Norway

Approx. 3" long
Colors vary

Ancient Glass Works


Claw Beaker

7th Century

 Hand Crafted Glass

Set of 2 Glasses
Sales Price ... $165


Beer Glasses

with Thread Decor
15th - 16th Century
 Hand Crafted Glass
Hold about 500 ml each

Set of 4 Glasses

Sales Price ... $185

Blue Set

16th - 18th Century

 Hand Crafted Glass

1 Bottle, 4 Glasses
Sales Price ... $245

6-Edged Glass
Hand Crafted Glass

16th Century
Hold about 200 ml each

Set of 2 Glasses

Sales Price ... $85


Gotland Cups

Replica of  Find
from Gotland, Sweden 
 Hand Crafted Glass
Hold about 250 ml each

Set of 2 Glasses
Sales Price ... $125


Spiral Neck Bottle

15th Century

 Hand Crafted Glass
Holds about 500 ml

Sales Price ... $64


Roman Jug

Found by Cologne, Germany
1rst Century

 Hand Crafted Glass

Sales Price ... $82


Green Jug

with Glass Thread Decor
15th Century

 Hand Crafted Glass
Holds about 600 ml

Sales Price ... $78


Roman Jug
Hand Crafted Glass
Holds about 800 ml

Sales Price ... $78


Green & Brown Sache
Hand-Woven Wool

3 1/2" wide,
over 7 feet long
Beautifully hand-crafted

Sales Price ... $138

Items on this page could be bulky or heavy, our regular shipping charges do not apply.
Please consult the postal calculator at http://postcalc.usps.gov for a detailed shipping quote to your destination!

Photos may not reflect actual size.

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