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On this page, you can find remnants from the Gallery such as
Ancient Glass Works, Leather Wares, Saches & Trim, Wodden Buckets
and assorted Jewelry items.
All Pieces on this page are only available as long as supplies lasts.

Ancient Glass Works


Claw Beaker
7th Century

 Hand Crafted Glass

Set of 2 Glasses ...


Beer Glasses
with Thread Decor
15th - 16th Century
 Hand Crafted Glass
Hold about 500 ml each

Set of 4 Glasses ...


6-Edged Glass
 Hand Crafted Glass
16th Century
Hold about 200 ml each

Set of 2 Glasses
... $96


Gotland Cups
Replica of  Find
from Gotland, Sweden 
 Hand Crafted Glass
Hold about 250 ml each

Set of 2 Glasses ... $165


Blue Set
16th - 18th Century

 Hand Crafted Glass

1 Bottle, 4 Glasses ...


Spiral Neck Bottle
15th Century

 Hand Crafted Glass
Holds about 500 ml



Roman Jug
Found by Cologne, Germany
1rst Century

 Hand Crafted Glass



Green Jug
with Glass Thread Decor
15th Century

 Hand Crafted Glass
Holds about 600 ml



Roman Jug
 Hand Crafted Glass
Holds about 800 ml


Leather Wares

Magyar Style Quiver
from Burgundy and black Leather
19" long, up to 7" wide


Black Belt Pouch
from black Leather
5" tall, 7 1/4" wide


Saches & Trim

     Blue Sache
Blue Sache
Hand-Woven Wool
1 3/4" wide,
over 6 feet long


Green & Brown Sache
Hand-Woven Wool
3 1/2" wide,
over 7 feet long


Wooden Buckets

     Hand made finnish sauna bucket
Hand-made Finnish Sauna Bucket

Large: 10" Diameter, 6" tall ... $64
Available in natural or charred

Small: 8" diameter, 5" tall ...$56
Available in natural only

Jewelry Items

 Norfolk Cuff
 Norfolk Cuff
  Hollow Open Twist

Individually Hand-forged

Sterling Silver ... $110
Specify Wrist Size

 Terslev Disk 
Replica of Terslev Type
from the East Sea Area
Haithabu, Schleswig
10th Century
Filigre & Granulation

Approx.  2" diameter

Sterling Silver... $125

Haithabu Disk
Replica of  Terslev Type
from Haithabu, Schleswig
10th Century
Filigree & Granulation

Approx.  1 3/4" diameter

Sterling Silver... $135

Terslev Type  is composed of four volutes arranged symmetrically in a lozenge or square with openings facing outward. Discs of this style were worn in Scandinavia around the middle of the 10th Century.  This type is named after the Hoard from Terslev, Denmark.

Cross Pendant
Four Sided Cross
  Sterling Silver Filigree
Almost 3" tall

One-of-a-kind Piece ... $285


 Five Pointed Star Pendant
  Hefty Cast
Approx. 1 1/2" tall
Sterling Silver ... $30

Items on this page could be bulky or heavy, our regular shipping charges do not apply.
Please consult the postal calculator at http://postcalc.usps.gov for a detailed shipping quote to your destination!

These items are only available as long as supplies lasts! Please check before sending payment!

Photos may not reflect actual size.

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